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Institute for Universal Energy

Institute for Universal Energy – Skopje is non-profit organization which primary task is to research and spread the knowledge about the Universal Energy, from all aspects, scientific and spiritual.The Institute is founded by 5 UE students in October 2005 and legally registered as Association of citizens, according the legislation of Republic of Macedonia. The work within the Institute is organized by sections, where students, scientists and people with open mind could explore, research, learn and exchange information about different aspects of Universal Energy.

Contacts and Locations

a) Center: "Crvena voda" br. 8-15, 1000, Skopje, Macedonia
tel: (02) 3212-852, mob: 078-203-437
person in charge: Vladimir Pendovski

b) Kisela Voda: "Vera Jocik" br.. 18-8, 1000, Skopje, Macedonia
tel: (02) 2774-853, mob: 071 342-385
person in charge: Liljana Radeva

c) Aerodrom: bul. "Jane Sandanski" br. 66, vl. I-21, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia
tel: 072 759-651
person in charge: Lidija Kotevska

c) GSL HUESA, ul. "Mile Pop Jordanov" br. 16-a - Skopje
tel: (02) 308-1454, mob: 078-233-778
person in charge: Gordana Stojanova and Stanislav Lepojevic

Annual report 2010 of the Institute for Universal Energy is placed here:
Annual report 2010

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